Thursday, May 14, 2009

Racing the ugly teapot

I was wondering what comes next, well I think I have my answer. At first I thought it might be decals because they seem cool, and challenging. But no, that’s not it. 


As I have semi-ranted about in the last few posts I made a teapot that I really REALLY didn’t like. And before I could really do anything to stop it my SO snapped some photos and emailed them out. Then proceeded to literally – and I swear I am not making this part up – snuck the damn thing out of the house so I would destroy it.

Now I am on a mission to as quickly as possible make several much better teapots and ship them to the relatives that asked for the ugly teapot. Ship them something that’s not embarrassingly bad. My edge here is while my SO has hidden the ugly teapot from me she is also infamously slow about doing things like shipping stuff cross country. I figure I have a couple weeks to a couple months to finish.

So I threw 2 teapots; one very tall, semi- narrow, one very short, very wide. I am experimenting a little with shapes for the body of the teapot, looking for one that really grabs me. I put on some handles (the new style I have been using) and didn’t really care for either. So, I am starting to obsess about teapots. Shapes, glazes, handles, spouts.

Teapots are what’s next for me. 

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