Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learning to throw platters

I seem to have been taught the secret sauce of platters. Platters are something that have confounded me until this past month. My platters were always small in diameter but thick. Way too thick. I just sucked at throwing these.

Well, one of my studio mates, Evelia the studio owner, went to a class taught by some Italian potter (who is super hot according to Evelia) and he taught her all sorts of things including how to make better platters. I asked her to show me, she did. I immediately threw the three best platters I have ever thrown. I was in the studio last night and the platters are dry now and I was moving them to the shelf for items ready to fire and found myself amazed at how light they are. And that’s the holy grail for me – a piece should be lighter in your hand than you expect. And these are not just a little lighter these are like feathers but large platters, larger than normal dinner plates and still MUCH lighter than a normal dinner plate.

The little tweak to my throwing that Evelia showed me? Don’t open a platter like you would a normal pot. Use the heel of your hand and push the clay down and out. Compress the clay with the heel of your palm at the same time your pushing it out. It works. At least for me.

That’s one less form I have to obsess about. Now back to teapots… and mugs… and bottles… and….

Oh and I still trying to figure out how to glaze these bad boys. I am thinking of using an accent glaze, like 90 Neph Syn, 10 F3134 +10 stain, dripped in lines then covered with my normal clear. Maybe some black and yellow drips. Maybe red. The new season of “Dexter” starts soon =)

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