Thursday, May 7, 2009

A good kiln load

Ah, so last time I was at the studio I glazed a bunch of pots, like 12. Which I realize is not a lot for a normal potter but for me it was a record. Well during the week one of the folks at the studio loaded my pots up and fired 'em. I got a text tonight on my way home about how nicely they turned out and what a stud I am... really.

So I dropped by to see what came out of the kiln. 

I had 4 bowls. Nice sized, light, mostly the same size and shape. Mostly. Glazed inside and out with a tin chrome red. Outside had stripes of a blue glaze. The blue stripes turned purple white-ish. I really like them.

I had 2 matching vases. Bottles, straight sides, small mouths. They're about 14 inches tall. Same red with blue accents. I like these two because they're nearly identical. I have been working to be able to replicate items and these two are pretty darn close but they are not simple shapes to throw (for me) and the glazes are predictable.

I had three plates. Decent plates. Glazed in floating blue. Meh. These were an exercise in repetition. The plates came out nearly identical so success. 

I had one large bowl. Again red and blue. I got carried away.

I had one pot that was a nice sphere bottle. The glaze came out great. Iron red for a based. Lithium saturated glaze over that. Then the top third was a fake ash. Came out great. Unfortunately the pot cracked ... in like three places... I cried a little. 

Lastly the dreaded gnome tea pot. I hate this pot. But everyone else seems to love the freaking thing. I can not describe how ugly this little thing is. A tea pot. Iron red with the lithium saturate over it. Glaze is Ok... the pot itself is Ok but the lid... oh so horrible. I need eye bleach after looking at it. I am going to put it away until the studio sale then dump it. I guess what I don't get is really, I swear other folks really seem to like this pot and I absolutely loathe it.


Varda Sharon Kramer said...

I have enjoyed so much reading your blog, and I have learnt a lot. thank you, please keep writing!
sharon from israel

Eric Preece said...

Thanks for the nice comment =)