Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting ready for a sale

Well, I lost the race with the ugly teapot. I will speak of it no more.

Now I am getting ready for a sale on June 6th. Trying to get everything I have ready glazed. 

I have a couple platters I need to glaze but realized that all the glazes I have been working with only get interesting when they are on vertical surfaces. Ash glazes, runny glazes. If they aren't designed for vertical surfaces, they aren't food safe. So these platters are kind of a puzzle for me. I Have no idea how to glaze them. Clear with some colored drips? Find a good food safe color? I want them to be cool, not boring. And I have very little time to solve this little puzzle. Oi.

And just a tiny follow up on something I posted waaaay back in the dead of Winter. I had some greenware that froze. I got a ton of strange cracks in those pots. At the time I was pretty sure that the cracks were related to the freezing. Well, I promptly forgot about those cracks until a discussion I had with one of the other potters at the studio this past week. Neither of us have had the tell tale "S" cracks in a pot (from bad compression) for literally years. After the freezing I haven't had a single pot crack. Not one. So, yeah the cracks I can safely say were due to the freezing. Seems funny talking about freezing clay when I got a nasty sun burn yesterday.

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