Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I finally published my glaze data base.

I pulled the tagging capability because it was taking too long to finish.

I've also had some luck throwing lately. Tossed a couple tall bottles as well as a really nice fat round bottle.


Jaimianne said...

Hey this is really great, I'm always disappointed in the lack of available information about ceramics on the web. Give me time to gather my recipes and I will email them if you are interested?

Eric Preece said...

I am very interested. Thanks!

chaetoons said...

Hi Eric
Found your database but a little notice keeps popping up that my browser does not support ajax.
Is there any other way i can view it?
I was so disappointed having found you (!) and your database and then not be able to view it . . . .

Eric Preece said...

Oi, sorry to hear about the error.

Can you post what browser you're using? I'll see if I can identify the problem.

LGHT said...

Eric, I love the database. As an IT guy myself I was thinking about creating an ACCESS DB and porting it over to a share point site. I have only been in ceramics about a year and my school just completed our glaze testing project and I'm very interested in making my own and eventually making crystal glazes. I did notice that your pages don't work. The page point goes back to root # if you have more results then what is displayed. Example if I type in 06 in the cone section it shows several pages, but when I try to navigate to any of the additional pages I'm redirected back to


Eric Preece said...

Oi, my apologies all.

I am going to pull down the db in the next few days. I broke it while trying to improve logging and haven't had time to fix it.

If you're technical shot me an email and I can email the SQL to set up a clone of the db for your own use.