Monday, March 16, 2009

More handles, more frustration

So the mugs I made that FINALLY had the perfect handles… yeah they “popped”. By popped I mean that they dried too quickly and one end of the handle popped off the side of the mug. I kept this batch under plastic wrap for a week then removed the plastic to allow them to dry for firing. I assumed a week would be enough to even out the moisture and allow these handles to survive. I was wrong.


I have had this “pooping” problem with my handles for awhile. I like handles that tend to be thick on one end and thin on the other. This is what causes the popping issue. At least that’s what I think causes it. The two ends dry at different rates. The thin end is bone dry and the thick end is still relatively moist. So the thick end is still shrinking and the thin end is done. This leads to a change in shape, which leads to the thin end pulling off the side of the mug.


I am still looking for a better way to do this.


I ran a batch of crappy pots I didn’t really like for glaze tests. Not new glazes but combinations of some of my existing glazes. They mostly sucked. Hard. But I had two interesting interactions. One was an iron red with a lithium heavy glaze over the top. It went black with very  bright defined orange/gold crystals. I hope I can duplicate this on a pot I like. The other cool result was a crawl glaze with some cobalt over a strontium base glaze. I got this heavily crystalled light green. Very cool and unusual looking.

No updates on my glaze db. It is at a stand still. I am waiting. I am planning to buy a new computer in the next ten days. I stopped dev work until I get my new machine =) 

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