Sunday, February 1, 2009

Raku will be the death of me

I swear I will never raku again. 

I have sworn this before but this time I swear, never again.

I don't know what it is about raku that pulls me in but it does.

I rakued this weekend. I destroyed two pots I liked. I tried the copper matte with alcohol reduction. Yeah, it didn't work. It sucked. And the pot cracked. Then I tried the stannous clohride fuming, yeah that sucked too. And smelled like death. It just wouldn't stop fuming. The book I read said oh ya know just drop in 3 tablespoons and let it bake for 1 minute then open the kiln and let it air out. Well the shit just kept smoking and smoking and smoking... and drifting all over the damn neighborhood. I am surprised I wasn't arrested. Oh and the pot... yeah sucked. Not a sign of the magical fuming.

Maybe I need to go to a workshop or something to learn what I am doing wrong. A very frustrating weekend.