Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Wednesday kind of update

My throwing success has continued. Maybe not a big deal to most but definitely a personal victory for me. I have been able to at will throw most any shape I want and when I pull the bat off the wheel head it’s lighter than I expect. That is perfection to me. I have been striving to throw like this since I was 16, I am 45.

Last night I threw a large bowl, about 16 inches in diameter and a nice melon style pitcher. Tonight I trim and attach a handle.

My db is gaining momentum again. The middle tier layer (the portion that talks to the actual data base) is looking better and better. I did find an odd bug where some glaze recipes have the same comment entered two and three times. Also a very small percentage (so far I have only found one!) recipes have no ingredients listed.

I will have to find and correct these errors in the perl script I used to dump the data into the db. Then drop all data from the db and repopulate it.

Still I am getting very close to making it public.

And speaking of which I decided to make the whole thing open source. Once I publish the site I will upload the code to google code, a good place to share code, so anyone can poke around in it. I am going to talk a couple developer friends (not potters) into helping.

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