Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DB update and some throwing news

I posted earlier that I can sometimes get a little ... distracted after the foundation of a software project has been completed. The glaze db is no exception. I will not go into a lot of detail because this is a pottery blog, not a software blog.

The db is complete. The UI style is set. The pages and user interaction are defined. Normally I would be putting the finishing touches on a project at this point. My issue is glaze recipes are complex things. They have many dimensions. As such the db itself is complicated. In order to get all the information about a single glaze I need data from 21 different tables. So as I started writing the middle tier of my app the SQL got really nasty and I felt I was making more calls to the db than I should. After talking to some friends better at development than I am I decided to move most of the SQL heavy lifting out of the application and into stored procedures. I have never written stored procedures so I am doing some studying prior to completing this portion.

I have also had a lot of success throwing lately. Again I go back to the little class we had a few months ago. I realized I was not doing some things the instructor told us to do - basic things. I am self taught so even the basics escape me in some ways. 

I was not using my inner hand when I pulled a cylinder. As a result my work was always thick. Now that I have figured out how to use my inner hand while throwing my pots are thinner. Much thinner. I have finally started throwing pots that when you pick them up they are lighter than they look like they should be. It's a personal milestone that I am proud of. 

And what I find especially cool is I have been able to alter my throwing style to make things thinner and at the same time I have been able to get bigger and better shapes.

I am going on vacation for a bit and things will slow down but soon I will be doing the raku fuming and alcohol reduction. I have all the pots I was going to use for it bisqued

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