Monday, January 5, 2009

And the new year begins with a bang

Well things have been buzzing along.


The snow came and stayed. And stayed. And stayed. Finally after about 10 days things started to clear. We had a white Christmas. What more could you ask for?


Things are moving quickly on my glaze db project. I found the bug from the conversion to mySQL and completed the conversion. I have the API up and running. It’s spooky cool. A fully functioning REST API tied to my db. I am creating the front end, the files the users will interact with now. Honestly that will take a bit more time. UI development has always been kind of my downfall. I tend to get in this endless spiral of tweaking everything to death. I am excited though.


For Christmas I got some clay from a different supplier, one located close to the person who bought me the gift instead of the supplier close to me. It was a bit of odd clay. The clay threw really nicely and I got four nice large pots out of 50lbs of clay. Two bottle forms, one fatty jar form and one “pillow” form – super wide body and a teeny tiny mouth. The only issue is the firing range on the clay is 04-2. I can’t do my normal cone 6 glazes. I cried a little. Until I got to my next pottery related Christmas present. I also got a book on raku firing techniques. Super awesomeness. So I happen to have four nice new pots that I can’t fire at my normal range and fit very nicely into the rake range.


I am going to try my hand at a real live alcohol copper matte reduction. I am also going to try fuming two of the pots with stannous chloride. I am going to use a glossy black raku glaze then fume with the stannous chloride. Should be fun =) 

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