Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two steps forward, one step back

Well, things moved forward, and backward.

The DB was complete. Until I started work on a web service to hook up to it. Then I started finding bugs, like the first 800 recipes were missing the color attribute. I expected bugs. It's the nature of the beast when developing.

I am building a REST API on top of the DB. Then a UI to talk to the API. At some point I will open the API for public use. 

I was able to replicate many of the recent successes with ash glazes. Unfortunately the best looking pot had the glaze drip down on to the shelf. The stilt I put under the pot are now part of the pot. I have to find a way to grind it off. However the glaze came out great, ash glaze with wonderful webbing, rivers of color flowing down the pot. 

I also threw a couple more nice pots. One double walled, about 10-12 inches tall, about 10 inches wide on the outside, about 8 inches wide in the interior bowl. I also threw a bottle, about 15 inches high, but about 16 inches wide at the widest point, and the mouth of the bottle was closed to less than an inch. The mouth of the vase stands about 3 inches tall. The body is like a big ballon, not quite spherical, kind of heart shaped. Very wide (for me), very tall (for me), and the mouth is very narrow and is a great contrast to the body of the vase. 

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