Monday, December 22, 2008

Slow, like molasses in December

Things are very slow right now.

I stocked up on clay as I expected to spend days and days in the studio during my vacation (remember this is a hobby for me). But the combination of a prolonged cold snap and no consistent heat in our studio means anything I throw will freeze over night before I can trim it. A lesson I learned the hard way. So I am not throwing anything and quickly running out of bisque ware to glaze. 

The weather is expected to warm up in about a week.

The last firing had a couple pots with the new fake ash I mentioned in the prior post using 5% copper carbonate. It came out a beautiful soft apple green. 

This particular ash glaze runs like mad. Which is what I wanted. It behaves exactly like the glaze it is derived from, Aerni ash. You can see some examples of the glaze I based this off on Richard Aerni's site. I am still working on expanding the color pallette but the big hurdle was getting a glaze that behaved like Richard's ash glaze that works in my kilns with my clay.

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