Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

It's been a frustrating week.

I have been having much better luck with larger pots recently. So when I had a couple hours to spend in the studio last weekend I decided to go big.

I threw the largest bowl I have ever thrown. Honestly I thought it was beautiful. I really liked the form.

Then, I threw a ballon shaped vase, really fat body, very narrow mouth. Tall, wide. I really liked this one too. 

Then I got confident and went for a Peter Wang style double walled vase. I used 20 pounds of porcelain. The inner bowl was about 8 inches in diameter, the outer wall was to the edge of the bat, so the width of a standard wheel head. The outer walls were about 18 inches tall. Easily the largest pot I have thrown, it looked like a mini keg. Different shape but size wise.

Then the trouble started...

The weather turned nasty here and I couldn't get back to the studio to trim the pots. No problem, others did get through and I asked that they cover the pots.

Well person wrapping the pots told me the ballon vase had collapsed on itself. The mouth had just sunk into the body of the vase. I am keeping it... glaze tester.

I finally got back to the studio last night. 

The studio doesn't keep the heat on unless someone is there. All the pots froze. While they were wet. This resulted in cracks and some bizzare behavior while trimming. As I trimmed huge strips of porcelain just flaked off all the pots. I could not get any of the pots trimmed properly. The huge bowl cracked. I haven't had a pot crack in about a year, not one so I attribute this to the freezing not the throwing. I may be wrong but I am anal about compressing my pots. With the cracks and the strange behavior while trimming the bowl just came out shitty. Honestly all of them did. I am going to keep them and see if I can save any but overall it was a waste of a lot of clay.

On the db front I realized my hosting company is a LAMP stack company and I was on a Windows system. I installed XAMPP on my windows box and converted my db over to mysql. I have run into some issues on the conversion and am working to solve those issues.

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