Thursday, December 4, 2008

More database progress, some new pots

The data base is complete. It took a bit longer than I expected. I had to hand edit about 2,000 glaze recipes. Suckage.

The good news is the db has more than 2,000 recipes. 

I haven't scrubbed it for duplicates yet and may never. I can't use name as a duplicate criteria, imagine how many "Clear" and "base" glazes there are in this db. Hundreds. And since it has recipes from 020 to 12 there are many many glazes with simlar and exactly the same name that are wildly different. I could de-dup on the recipe itself but the code to do that would just be more work than the reward of de-dupping.

Data base work aside I threw 3 nice new pots. I was excited, thinking I could get these new pots ready for our studio sale next week. But the pots will not be dry in time. Kind of a good thing I suppose as I will be more deliberate about the glazing on these pots. 

Then I threw 4 matching mugs. Well matching is stretching the truth, they were remotely similar. And I wasn't happy with any of them. They will be glaze testers.

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