Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend mud work

Had some time this weekend to hit the studio.


Still have the kiln issues. Only one working kiln and there is a line to use it. It fires as soon as it’s unloaded. It’s fairly old so I am sure it will join the others going belly up soon. I am making hay while the sun is out.


I fired a load of glazed pots this weekend. Five bowls; strontium matte with an ash glaze with nickel and a quirky blue. They didn’t turn out very attractive. Maybe good bowls for my dogs. I also fired a large bowl, temmoku gold with rutile wash highlights. This is the second large bowl I’ve done like this and it came out perfect. The temmoku gets tea dust crystals in our kiln and the rutile wash interacts with the temmoku very nicely causing the glaze to locally run and the titanium streaks in the runs. In some spots it crystallizes as well.


I also decided to attempt to throw a pot larger than I normally throw. I plopped about 15 pounds of clay on the wheel head and went to work. I ended up with a very large lantern  shaped pot, mouth and base are roughly the same diameter and the middle is fairly fat. I haven’t measured the height but I’d guess about 20 inches tall.


I also tossed 4 new coffee mugs. I made them super big. I look forward to these. They will be Christmas presents for someone. 

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