Monday, November 3, 2008

Raku Saturday

The raku firing went well on Saturday.

Initially I had the shelf in the kiln too low and the flames from the burner were hitting the bottoms of the pots causing the pots to heat up much too quickly and break. We lost three pots before I figured it out. 

After I adjusted the shelf height we only lost one more pot and I have no clue what happened with that one. 

All in all we had a couple nice pots come out. I only fired two of my own pots. The first one was one of the victims of the low shelf and broke into many pieces. The second one had a copper matte I have been trying to get right for months and months. It come out very promising, the top was a nice orange, the bottome where the reduction was harder was a bright purple. I was so excited. Then I went to clean the pot up and all the purple flaked off the pot. I assume this means I didn't heat the pot hot enough, the glaze didn't adhere to the pot well. Oh well, c'est la vie. I finally got the colors I was after from this glaze so I am one step closer. Next time ;)

I have some cool pics that I will post a bit later.

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