Monday, September 8, 2008

Waiting to pop the kiln

I got in line for our kilns and got a chance to load some pots yesterday. They're cooling now and should be ready to unload tonight.

I have only one glaze test in this batch; the clear bubbly runny test. No idea what to call it yet. As I posted earlier the idea came from a test in the glaze class I was in. This particular test I changed up a bit. I wanted to reduce the crazing so I added some silica. I still wanted to make sure this ran, so I increased the lithium to 20%. The recipe I tested was;

90 Nehp Syn.
20 Lithium Carb.
20 Silica

Yeah, I know it's ot 100%. Once I get the glaze where I want it I'll normalize it to 100%. 

As I was making this test it dawned on me that I am moving closer to a traditional clear glaze. I am just hoping to keep the bubbles =)

Other than the test I loaded 4 lidded containers, one really big bowl, a couple odds and ends. I have high hopes for this batch.

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