Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A small update

A few small random notes....

The kiln repair failed. The second firing after I replaced the element failed to reach cone 04. So our little studio is down to two kilns, one of which is tiny. It only holds one medium sized pot per firing. This means things are going to be very slow until we get the large kiln repaired or replaced. And the studio owner is out of town until late September. =(

I tried a couple new glazes. One has my interest and I am starting to think about a real recipe. In the glaze class I took we had one test that was 85% Neph Syn and 15% wood ash. In reduction is was clear, bubbly, a tiny bit runny, very crazed. I want to get a clear, slightly fluid bubbly glaze. I moved away from using wood ash as a flux as I want super predictable results. I have enough variation with the kilns, I don't need it in glaze chemicals. I went with 90% neph syn, 10% lithium. It came out clear, not as fluid as I'd like, not as bubbly as I'd like. Tremendously crazed. I am going to tinker to add more flux and see if I can get the crazing out.

I saw a video demonstrating pulling and attaching handles. This is something that has been the bane of my time in the studio, I always screw up my handles. I tried the method shown in the video and the results look promising so far. I have a set of four mugs with complicated handles drying now. We'll see if this new method works for me.

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