Monday, September 8, 2008

A mixed bag

The kiln load I got was mixed.

First the large kiln over fired. I use witness cones and the kiln fired a to a hard cone 6 according to the witness cones and I suspect that it took a long time to fire. I don't know for sure because it fired over night. I had a couple of pots sag. This isn't normal. I work in mostly porcelain but my pots are not so thin as to deform under normal firing conditions. 

So I lost two pots due to sagging. One was my favorite pot to date. A large, tall, well formed bowl. It has nice faceted feet. I glazed it with temmoku and rutile wash. The glaze came out great. But alas... the pot is warped due to the sagging. The othe pot that sagged was a small plate. Nice but c'est la vie.

I lost one other pot, the little octopus container I posted photos of in an earlier post. I used the seiji nuka ( I freakin love that glaze) and due to the long soak it ran. The legs of the octopus are now fused with the kiln stilts. 

The pots that came out nice were the four lidded containers I used an iron red glaze with seiji nuka and rutile splashes. The iron red turned kind of a muddy green but some copper colored crystal formations took shape. Not traditional but pretty nontheless. 

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