Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I win!

The success rate for beginning potters like myself can be low. For every good pot I make dozens of losers. Bad forms, misbehaving glazes, kiln mishaps, whatever.

Tonight I won one.

I have a stable temmoku glaze, Val's Temmoku Gold. It is a beautiful black with golden tea dust crystals on stoneware. On porcelain it looks like a traditional temmoku, rich brown. I also have a rutile wash that flows nicely and leaves wonderful colors when applied over the temmoku. It's a nice glaze combination.

A few weeks ago I threw a large porcelain bowl, about 7 inches high and 16 inches wide at the mouth. I intentionally left a large foot on when I threw it. I trimmed and cut the large foot down to 4 feet large enough that you can see under the bowl when it sits on the table.

I sprayed the temmoku on the bowl, applied the rutile wash to the lip of the bowl as well as the top of all the feet. Popped it into the kiln yesterday and pulled it out tonight.

Stunning. No question the best finished pot I have made to date. I have never had tea dust crystals on porcelain before, only on stoneware. The entire interior of the bowl has a evenly distributed layer of the tea dust crystals throughout. The rutile wash ranges in color from white to yellow to purple. And flowing slightly inside the bowl as well as outside.

I am not posting pictures yet because my camera sucks and I am taking this one to my buddy Jeff whose hobby is photography.

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