Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few random notes

I ran across some recipes for cone 6 oil spot glazes. Now if you're like me you're thinking "cone 6 oil spot? Un-possible". My understanding of oil spots is that the spots are caused by the iron basically boiling. A reaction that I thought didn't happen until cone 7 at the lowest. So I am looking at these glazes thinking they're crap. Then I start noticing the names are the same as some oil spots of John Britt. John is the man when it comes to oil spot glazes. I decided to dig a little and sent John an email. I call him John because I addressed the email to Mr. Britt and he replied "No Mr. Britt bullshit". So John tells me that the recipes I stumbled upon were actually his. He had provided them to the person who had posted them. He also stated that yeah, these could maybe work at cone 6.

So who knew; real oil spot glazes are possible at cone 6. I am ovewhelmed with current tests so I am not planning any tests on these. Write me and I can provide the exact recipes.

I have been working on a cone 6 chun/jun glaze. I have done a few tests with an ash nuka base. I got one that melts well at cone 6 and I think will work. I mixed up 4 more tests with several additives; rutile, iron, copper, cobalt. I'll post results.

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