Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Test results

I stopped by the studio on my way to work this morning - yeah, that's how I roll.

None of the tests came out as I wanted but all gave me a good starting point.

The fake ash tests:

As you can see neither test melted. So I need to ratchet up the fluxes.

Next the glassy slip:

Same story, no melting. Plus it appears as if this one would have been matte had it melted. I will be changing this one up quite a bit.

Next the iron red line test.

Base recipe plus 14%-17% red iron oxide:

base plus 10%-13% red iron oxide:

Base plus 8%, 9% red iron oxide:

pretty much the same thing with these, didn't melt fully. The pics kind of suck (gotta get a real camera) so you can't tell from the pics but it seems the "reddest" is 11%. Funny the original recipe calls for 11.5%. I am going to use that amount of RIO but need to adjust the melting point.

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