Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shooting madness

My wonderful fiance got me an air compressor for my birthday. 17 gallon tank, 150 psi. It's very nice!

I bought 2 HVLP guns to go with the compressor and viola! I am now spraying my pots!

I started by setting everything up and then loading the guns with water and "shooting" a pots that lost it's bottom in an unfortunate kiln accident a few days ago. I played with the knobs and adjusted things using water on a crappy pot until I felt comfortable putting glaze on pots I like.

I am really excited about this. Spraying takes some getting used to but I am sure my pots will be better for this. I "shot" 4 tumblers and 2 lidded containers this morning. I will fire these tonight (I am going back to the studio tonight) and will post pics as soon as I pull them from the kiln - should be Friday.

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