Thursday, July 3, 2008

Raku results

Well today was a good news bad news kind of thing.

The day started with me mixing two batches of fake ash for testing. After mixing and sieving the test batches I dipped a test tube in each.

After I got these done I mixed a batch of copper matte for the pots I was going to raku. Well, I thought I did. As I finished I realized that instead of using 108 grams of black copper oxide I had used 108 grams of black NICKEL oxide. So I wasted a lot of materials. I decided to use this "oops" glaze on a test pot just to see what a raku glaze with an ass load of nickel looks like.

These are the pots after I glazed them. Notice the little screwy pot. That's the one with the "oops" glaze.

After getting the glazing taken care of I went to get propane. I've never fired any fuel fired kiln before. So frankly I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't really figure out how to get the can reducing until after I was done with my pots. I got the can reducing nicely when we put some of Evelia's pots in ... but... then we didn't count on how quickly it would get up to temp. We over fired her pots. All the pots came out less than spectacular.

I don't really like any either one. Almost everyone said good things about the fat one.

Oh, and the "oops" glaze? Wow... terrible. black, ugly.

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