Saturday, July 19, 2008

Onward... to strontium mattes

I am fairly happy with the results of my recent tests; a cone 6 iron red and a cone 6 fake ash. The next step for me is a cone 6 strontium matte to serve as a base glaze. Similar to the technique Steven Hill uses. The hope is to get a white, matte glaze I spray (with my fancy new HVLP guns) on my pots that I can then spray other glazes on top of and get uber cool results.

I am starting with two recipes, one from Hill and one from John Tilton. Both are out of John Britt's amazing book I've mentioned here before. I am just showing the glaze I'll be testing and not the original with the how and why I changed it (in a bit of a rush tonight).

Strontium Crystal Magic (modified)
Custer feldspar 46
Whiting 17.2
EPK 4.9
Strontium Carb 12.6
F3134 14.6
Titanium Dioxide 13.8

Tilton 1
Neph Syn 46
Whiting 10.8
EPK 8.1
Strontium Carb 35.1
Titanium Dioxide 8.1

I should be mixing and firing these tomorrow so I can post photos Monday night.

I signed up for a class at Northwest Pottery. A big surprise a glaze class. I start Tuesday night. I am not sure if I'll be posting less or more during the class. I expect to learn a lot but I also expect it to keep me busy and I only have so many hours to dedicate to pottery.
Lithium Carb 4.6

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