Sunday, July 27, 2008

New tests

Like a junkie needing a fix I was back in the studio this morning... mixing test glazes.

After something said in the glaze class I am in I decided to quit fucking around with super complex recipes and mixed up three new glazes that should rock and are very simple.

Barnard Slip 50
Wood Ash 50

Alberta Slip 50
Wood Ash 50

Grestely Borate 75
Rutile 25

I have individual test tiles for the ash/slip glazes plus test tiles of those glazes over Seiji Nuka, Temmuko Gold, and Iron Red.

The Grestely Borate/Rutile wash is an idea from looking at some work of Brother Thomas Bezanson's. He made wonderful pots with iron based glazes that had magical rutile washes. I;ve tried some rutile washes before and the colors are right but they don't flow like Brother Thomas'. I was using equal parts rutile and Grestely Borate. Which may have worked at cone 10+ but I am working at cone 6. I had forgotten to add more flux, thus 75% flux now.

I am still working to figure out the spray gun. I shot two vases for this kiln load. One is Seiji Nuka with Iron Red accents. The other is a cone 6 crystal base with 2% Cobalt Oxide. One topn of the crystal glaze I splatter some of my red Neph Syn mixture. I have high hopes for that pot.

I'll post pictures in the next couple days. The kiln will be safe to open tomorrow but I have a lot of personal stuff scheduled over the next 72 hours.

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