Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Most recent glaze test results

All the pictures came out goofy. I need a better camera.

Fortunately the glazes came out very nice.

The rutile wash (75% grestely borate, 25% rutile) kept the same wonderful coloring over temmoku and started to run like Brother Thomas' pots. This is a winner. I will be using this combination over at least two large pots I have been sitting on waiting for the right glazes.

The ash tests came out very nice too. The quirk is they only looked good over other glazes. Over the seiji nuka I use both alberta slip and barnard slip ash combos looked great. Same with the iron red. Over the temmoku only the barnard slip ash combo looked good though. Alone each of them looked awful. Go figure.

I threw some new pots up on Etsy. So far I am not too happy with the pots I have been able to put up there. But I am rarely happy with the finished pots. All I can see are the flaws.

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