Thursday, July 24, 2008

A happy accident

I threw a couple pots last time I was at the studio. A nice big bowl, a nice round vase, both porcelain.

Then there is the platter... I threw a platter, I am not good at that form yet. The platter was pretty wide, about an inch past the rim of the bat. And sometimes happens when I try platters the lip started to sag. But it was a nice platter and I wanted to save. Try as I might I could not get the lip to stay up but I refused to give up goddamn it I wanted this platter to work.

So I grab the bat and what would help? Oh yeah I flip the bat upside down and hold it there... like it's going to magically do something. Well something did happen. The lip of platter sagged down (which was up as I was holding it upside down) and I realized it looked like a Chiluly platter, yeah I went to the glass museum recently. So I figured "hey let's make this work". Laura, a studio mate was there. She grabbed a blow dryer and started heating the platter while I held it upside down. After a bit I turned it right side up put it on a wheel and hit it with a torch. I set the platter with a very fluid, cool wave pattern in the rim. Very Chiluly-esque.

This platter was an accident but one of my favorite pots I've ever thrown. I am going to try to repeat this process. Over saturate the rim until it collapses and then hang the platter upside down and set the rim.

I still haven't figured out to trim it.

I'll post pics when I get back to the studio.

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