Thursday, July 17, 2008

Glazes gone bad

A fellow potter at the studio I go to summed up where I am at when he mentioned the he feels like he ruins his pots by glazing them. I feel like I ruin most of my pots when I glaze them.

Today was no exception.

I jumped right with the spray gun and was super excited to use it. I did 4 tumblers and 2 lidded containers. On the 4 tumblers I put on a coat of clear glaze then I put on a black stripe highlighted by a red stripe. I was really stoked. I pulled the tumblers from the kiln and the black completely vanished. Poof. Nada. The red sagged down the tumblers. Upon closer inspection the black just melted into the clear. The colorant (black iron oxide) just washed out. It looked like the black glaze fluxed the red glaze causing it to sag just to make the pots extra sucky.

To top things off the glazes on the lidded containers came out Ok but the pots themselves sagged during the firing so the lids didn't fit any longer.

6 pots, 6 for the scrap heap.

Well, I am back at it tomorrow morning.

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