Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting set up online

In parallel to getting my work to the point that I am comfortable letting it out of my hands I am also building a presence online to do just that. This blog was the first step in building that presence. So what have I done, will do, to get my pieces from the studio into the hands of others?

First a blog. Not really required by any means but a nice to have. Assuming I can accrue traffic to this blog it should become a good selling tool. As you can see I choose blogger. I have previously used other software but I liked the ease of set up with blogger. I don't want the online side of this to become a distraction to the clay part of it. I want the online aspect to enhance my work so this has to be simple and easy to use. Blogger fits the bill.

Next I added two optional pieces to my blog, Google analytics and AdSense. The analytics package just gives detailed reporting. AdSense ads give an additional revenue stream. As of now that stream has yielded zero pennies. It may never produce any revenue but it's free to set up and if the blog starts getting traffic it should generate some cash.

The last piece of the online puzzle has been an Etsy shop. Etsy is a great site. It's a place to buy and sell handmade items. This is the storefront I will use to sell my pieces.

The set up was very easy - again I want the online side to enhance not distract from my clay work - no complicated online tools. I work in the tech field in my day job and don't want to get sucked into coding at night to support my clay activities. That would kill the fun for me. In addition to being easy to set up it's free to set up. Etsy does charge some fees but all the fees are reasonable.

My store is located here. As I make items I deem worthy of selling I will add them to the store.

So in order to help sell my work and promote my work online I've created this blog, added ads and analytics, and set up an online store at Etsy.

Tonight I raku!

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