Friday, July 25, 2008

First items in the Etsy store

I finally got back to the studio to pull the pots from the kiln.

This load had the first pots I used the spray gun. Mixed results. The glazes went on super smooth. No runs, no drips. I still have some work to do to figure out how thick I need to spray, all the pots had glaze coats that were too light. Still they all came out nice. Nice enough to put them up on Etsy as my first pots for sale online.

The Etsy store is here.

Here are the new pots:

Small urn

The urn is stoneware. Seniji Nuka and Blue Hare over Iron Red glaze.

Bowl set

The bowls are porcelain. Blue Hare glaze outside and AH clear inside.

The new tests I was running came out Ok. Both strontium mattes came out Ok so I am still not sure which I want to go with. More tests. The chun came out matte yellow. Sucky.


kristy said...

do you mind sharing the Blue Hare glaze recipe?

Eric Preece said...

Hi Kristy, My apologies for the delayed response.

47.3 neph syn
27.0 gert borate
20.3 silica
5.4 epk
2.0 rio
1.0 cobalt ox
4.0 rutile
2.0 bentonite

I found it's very sensitive to thickness. Too thin and it's transparent brown and fairly ugly. Uneven application will show throw on the fired pot as well.

Any questions please ask.