Sunday, July 13, 2008


At long last some of my tests turned out well.

Man, getting some good test results was a long time coming but hopefully they were worth the wait.

First the iron red. The picture REALLY does not do it justice. I am using my crappy phone camera for pics. This is a beautiful red with green spots. GREEN! Out of an iron red! It's really very cool looking. I am going to refire in a bisque batch this coming week to see if I can coax more color out of it.

Bailey's Red (modified)
Potash Feldspar 46.7
Bone Ash 15
Lithium Carb 4
Talc 20.9
Silica 11.4
Grestly Borate 10
Benonite 2
Red Iron Oxide 11.5

Yeah, I know it doesn't equal 100%. I'll revise one more time to clean it up. Just not at the moment.

Next we have one of the fake ash bases I was trying to get right; a variation on Steven Hill's fake ash. I doped this one up to melt at cone 6. I tossed in 3% copper carb just so the test tile would be a little interesting. This glaze behaved exactly as I wanted.

Steven Hill's Fake Ash (modified)
F3134 21.8
Dolomite 3.8
Whiting 45.5
EPK 15.3
Silica 13.6
Benonite 2.3

Next we have my straight to flux and stain mix for a "slip". I tried several fluxes and the winner by a land slide is Nepheline Syenite. It came out with great color, glassy and was just on the verge of running.

Anyway enough of the glaze goofiness. I wanted to post pics of an oddball I made. I make lidded containers. And I often use small pulled handles that I like to swirl off the pot rather than terminate on the pot. So... I kept thinking this would make a good octopus leg as I made these little handles. I decided to try out an octopus lidded container. This one has been bisqued. I am still trying to decide how to glaze him.

I am thinking Pinnel's Strontium Matte under a fake ash with cobalt....

Oh and the raku stuff I refired? Yeah I got the kiln to reduce really well. The glaze still sucked. It's the third time I have fired that glaze on different pieces and it always sucks. It's a loser. Well for me at least.


geolewter said...

Your octopus is great! Do you have a picture of it finished?

Eric Preece said...

I don't. Something happened in the glaze firing. I forget what but this one ended up in the trash =(