Friday, June 27, 2008

Red pots... Martian red

So my other interest besides pottery is astronomy. I was a physics major in college. Imagine my surprise when I realized my two very disparate interests converged today.

The soil on Mars very similar to Earth's soil.

So naturally my first thought wasn't about life on Mars but... what about Martian clay? Someday... someday someone will make pots of Martian clay. Someday someone will test fire Martian soil.

At first I was giddy thinking of what cool wonderful exotic glazes. But then my geeky science d0rk came through. The chemistry is the same. Even if the trace elements are in a different balance it's not like there are undiscovered elements in the dirt on Mars. In reality Martian clay, glazes would be the same as regular glazes and clays. Maybe some naturally saturated with certain elements. Possibly some mixed with elements that are scarce or not common in soil here but frankly nothing that we couldn't make here.

Still ... I wonder how long until someone makes a pot with Martian soil.

I get back into the studio tomorrow and will fire my test tiles.

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